Coconut peat processing machinery product introduction

Coconut peat is the residue left after the coconut shell is shredded. It has been used in mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, flower culture media and high-end Potted base material for flower plants and soilless planting base material for large-scale agricultural crops in desert areas. However, when coconut peat is screened out from the coconut shell, the water content is high, the salt content is high, and there are many impurities, which seriously affect the sales quality of coconut peat.

DINGLI company has developed the special drying machine for coconut coir. Coconut fiber drying production line can directly be connected with the coconut shell opening and sorting machine, Coconut bran sorting, desalination, dehydration, drying. The coconut fiber drying process can be done under 40 minutes. Thus with pipeline operation decreasing labor and energy, the coconut coir and fiber quality can be guaranteed to the maximum extent. After high temperature treatment, the coconut fiber and coir is cleaner and environmental friendly. This production line is the essential equipment of mechanization, scale and intensive production of coconut coir and fiber.

Working principle of coconut peat dryer

Coconut bran process: After desalination and dehydration, the 50-60% moisture of the coconut coir is taken out by the dryer to achieve drying, Coconut coir will be continuously scattered by the shoveling plate of inner dryer and spiral forward which passes through the inner, middle and outer  layers of dryer. Flow of hot air will help to dry the coconut coir and the dry coir will be moved out faster as the wet coir has greater weight. The coconut coir will be fully dried inside the dryer, and the moisture will be reduced to 14-18%( can be adjusted according to customers’ requirement). When the drying process finishes, the coconut coir will be discharged by screw conveyor.  There is special device inside the dryer which can prevent uneven drying effect of the coconut coir.

Hot air process: We configure high efficiency energy-saving hot air furnace for our dryer, the fuel can be natural gas, diesel, coal, wood, straw, rice husk, etc. It will supply the oxygen free air with 500-650℃. After precipitation and removal of ash, it will go into the dryer, then will evaporate water and dry the coconut coir. The hot air temperature will reduce to 50-65℃ before discharging the coir. The humid air and dust will be taken to the professional dust collector to reach the discharge standard.

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