What is bagasse used for? Bagasse dryer introduction

Uses of Bagasse:

1. Bagasse can be used as feed. After the bagasse is recovered, it can be mixed with urea, etc., and then fermented, and finally dried and ground into powder, which can be used as feed for cattle, sheep, pigs, etc., because bagasse contains high sugar and nutrients.

2. Bagasse can be used to produce fuel, alcohol, etc. The cellulose in bagasse can be converted into sugar, which can be made into alcohol, fuel, etc., which can be regarded as the full utilization of sugarcane.

3. Bagasse can be used to make paper and board. At present, our country has a very high technology to replace wood with sugarcane bagasse as the raw material for making paper cups, mulch film, and paper tableware, which can reduce tree felling and protect the environment; it can also make disposable appliances become green and environmentally friendly tableware.

Bagasse dryer introduction:

 The whole set of equipment of bagasse dryer is composed of hot blast stove, feeding and discharging equipment, rotary drum dryer, dust removal system, electric control system, high and low temperature pipelines and other equipment and mechanisms. Environmentally friendly energy-based bagasse dryer improves traditional heating technology, promotes low smoke and dust content of heat exchange medium, low pollution to bagasse, effectively controls the palatability and quality of bagasse dried products, and at the same time has low tail gas pollution and meets environmental assessment standards Promote continuous high-efficiency operations for customers.

Performance characteristics of bagasse dryer

1. High degree of mechanization, less labor input, strong controllability of equipment, temperature, drying capacity, specified range of output, adjustable speed, etc.; low investment, integrated service of transportation, installation and test machine;

2. The self-insulation thermal efficiency of the cylinder is as high as 70% (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single cylinder dryer is only 35%), the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 50%, and the energy consumption is low. The average coal consumption per 1 ton of precipitation is not more than 176kg standard coal (continuous production, and when the ambient temperature is ≥5°C).

3. Large processing capacity, flexible configuration of rotary drum and single-layer drum, floor area designed according to user requirements, reducing land use costs;

4. The adaptability of the equipment and materials is strong, and it has good adaptability and drying ability for wood chips, sawdust, grass, crushed branches, cassava, and medicinal residues;

5. Diversified heat source furnace types, coal, gas, biomass fuel, oil, etc. are all equipped with burner models;

6. The resistance of the equipment is small, the transmission force mechanism consumes less power, the frequency of equipment maintenance is low, and it is easy to maintain;

7. The dust removal equipment has high efficiency, strong purification ability, and reduces the cost of exhaust gas treatment.

8. The equipment has a long service life and can be produced continuously.

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