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   Industrial ore slag dryer is suitable for blast furnace slag, boron magnesium ore, phosphorite, manganese ore, high manganese ore, nickel ore, tungsten slag, granite stone powder, nickel slag, iron ore, lead ore, blast furnace ore powder, stone powder, Quartz sand, ore, slime, copper ore, ore and other mineral powders can be quickly dried and dehydrated. Specific materials have specific technical design plans and equipment configurations. The daily processing capacity of the drum dryer is large, starting from 10 tons per day and reaching more than 1,000 tons of granite powder per day. There is no limit on model customization.

   The new industrial ore slag dryer has a variety of heat sources to choose from, such as natural gas, fuel oil, mixed fuel and other burners. The specific heat source form has a specific dust removal system design plan, which reduces the cost of environmental impact assessment.

   The industrial mining slag drum dryer mainly consists of a hot blast stove (multi-heat source burner), feeding conveyor, drum dryer, discharging conveyor, induced draft fan, cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector (or wet dust collector) and operation control system.

Industrial ore dryer
Industrial ore dryer
Industrial ore dryer


Whatsapp: +86 166-9785-3276

 Industrial mineral slag dryer working principle:

The working principle of this set of equipment is as follows: After the mineral material enters the drying drum, it is divided into the following working areas: First, the guide area. The mineral material enters this area and contacts the high-temperature hot air to quickly evaporate the water. The mineral material is copied on the guide plate with a large guide angle. When moving, if no bond is formed, it will be directed to the next work area; the second is the lifting and cleaning area, where the wet material is lifted up by the lifting plate to form a material curtain state. When the copper ore falls, it is easy to form a bonding roller wall phenomenon. Since the equipment in this area is designed with a cleaning device, the cleaning device effectively cleans the mineral materials adhered to the inner wall. In this process, the cleaning device also plays a role in breaking up the mineral material agglomerates, thus increasing the heat exchange area and improving the efficiency. Drying rate; the third is the inclined lifting plate area, where the mineral materials are already in a low-moisture and loose state, and the mineral materials no longer have bonding phenomena in this area. After sufficient heat exchange, the mineral materials reach the required moisture state and enter the The fourth is the discharge area. The drum does not have a lifting plate in this area. The mineral materials roll and slide in this area to the discharge port to complete the entire drying process.


Model Capacity(T/D) Initial moisture(%) Final moisture(%) Total Power(kw) Covering area(m²)
DLMG1916 300 ≤30 <5 130 42*16
DLMG2220 500 ≤30 <5 150 46*16
DLMG2522 800 ≤30 <5 200 48*16
DLMG2825 1000 ≤30 <5 250 51*16
DLMG3026 1300 ≤30 <5 280 52*18
DLMG3228 1500 ≤30 <5 330 55*18
DLMG3430 1800 ≤30 <5 380 56*18
DLMG3632 2200 ≤30 <5 450 58*18
DLMG3835 2700 ≤30 <5 560 60*18
DLMG4036 3000 ≤30 <5 660 60*18


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