What are the advantages of sludge dryer?

The drying system of the sludge dryer includes: heat source, drying equipment, conveying equipment, dust removal and deodorization equipment.

1. Fast drying and high efficiency

The sludge drying system operates under negative pressure and is equipped with an enhanced heat transfer device for direct heat transfer. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can use high temperature hot air to dry the materials. The system has few high-temperature mechanical equipment, simple structure, easy cleaning, low failure rate, continuous operation, low maintenance cost and wide application range.

2. Sludge dryer is widely used

Sludge dryer equipment is used in activated sludge drying, sewage sludge drying, papermaking sludge drying, printing and dyeing sludge drying, tanning sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, municipal sludge drying and other sludge drying.

3. Diversified heat sources

The sludge dryer can be equipped with heating equipment such as steam, gas, fuel oil, coal, biomass, etc., clean heating, low heat loss

4. Multi-stage dust removal, environmental protection equipment

Dust removal and deodorization equipment: The system adopts a four-stage dust removal and deodorization method and a first-stage cyclone dust collector, which can remove dust particles in the exhaust gas. The secondary pickling method is used to remove the odorous gas, the third grade is used to remove the odorous gas, and the fourth grade is used to remove the odorous gas. The final odor gas can be controlled within 2000 dimensionless.

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