Equipment Capacity(t/h) Evaporation moisture capacity(t/h) Moisture content of raw material(%) Drop moisture content(%) Drying Temperature (℃) Total installation power(kw)
DLNG1412 5.4 1.2 55-60% 20-25%(adjustable) 850±100℃ 65
DLNG1615 6.6 1.9 115
DLNG1916 13.5 3.0 138
DLNG2218 19.8 4.4 170
DLNG2518 25.6 5.7 240
DLNG2522 31.5 7.0 320
DLNG2823 41.4 9.2 450
DLNG3430 80.0 17.7 680

    The sludge dryer is mainly suitable for electroplating sludge, tannery sludge, chemical sludge, oil field sludge, municipal sewage treatment plant sludge, activated sludge, sewage sludge, petrochemical sludge, paper sludge, printing and dyeing sludge Drying of various sludges such as sludge, biological fermentation fungus residues, and various slag residues and other high-humidity materials.

    Zhengzhou Dingli Company has specially developed and designed special sludge drying equipment for sludge, which has the characteristics of high moisture, high viscosity, high water holding capacity and low calorific value. The wet sludge with a water content of about 85% can be dehydrated and dried into dry powder with a water content of less than 25%. The sludge drying system operates under negative pressure and is equipped with an enhanced heat transfer device for direct heat transfer. The drying and moisture control of the material is convenient, the operation flexibility is large, and the flow rate of the product is allowed to have a large fluctuation range. There are few high-temperature mechanical equipment in the system, simple structure, easy cleaning, low failure rate, continuous operation, low maintenance cost and wide application range.

Petroleum Coke Dryer

Petroleum Coke Dryer

Mineral Slag Dryer

Mineral Slag Dryer

Sand Dryer

Sand Dryer


    The sludge drying system includes: heat source, dewatering machine, drying equipment, conveying equipment, dust removal and deodorization equipment.

    Heat source ①: Adopt natural gas combustion, plus heat storage type to improve the combustion efficiency of natural gas.

    Heat source ②: Use biomass pellets, wood chips, branches, straw, coal, etc. as fuel.

    Drying equipment: using patented products, dispersing drum dryer. There is a high-speed dispersing shaft inside the dryer, which disperses the viscous sludge, solves the problem of the viscosity of the sludge, and also improves the heat exchange efficiency. One, two, three, four, five and six drying process working areas are set up in the dryer, and the final moisture content of the material is less than 25%, the entire drying process is completed, and the drying process is discharged from the dryer to enter the next process.

    Dust removal and deodorization equipment: The system adopts a four-stage dust removal and deodorization method and a first-stage cyclone dust collector, which can remove dust particles in the exhaust gas. The secondary pickling method is used to remove the odorous gas, the third grade is used to remove the odorous gas, and the fourth grade is used to remove the odorous gas. The final odor gas can be controlled within 2000 dimensionless.


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