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The environmentally friendly drum-type continuous carbonization machine uses carbonized flue gas to purify the combustible gas generated during the combustion process and recycles it. It can produce continuously for 24 hours. It has zero pollution, zero emissions, labor saving, high productivity, energy saving and consumption reduction, and a high degree of automation. High advantages;

This machine is suitable for carbonizing various powdery granular biomass in forestry and agriculture. Such as wood chips, sawdust, bagasse, coffee grounds, bamboo, coconut shells, cherry shells, dates, walnut shells, apricot shells, peanut shells, rice husks, cotton stalks, straw, etc.

Dingli continuous carbonization machine consists of conveyor, high temperature furnace, dust removal, decoking, purification, gas cabinet, power distribution cabinet and other equipment. It is a new type of continuous carbonization equipment that integrates high efficiency, environmental protection and intelligence.

The entire production line can also be equipped with a dryer, charcoal powder briquetting machine or ball briquetting machine, as well as a briquetting dryer. The resulting carbon blocks can be directly packaged and sold.

Continuous Carbonization Machine
Continuous Carbonization Machine
Continuous Carbonization Machine


Whatsapp: +86 156-7062-6070

 Biomass continuous drum carbonization machine is a professional equipment for continuous high-temperature heating and carbonization of biomass with a moisture content of less than 15% under anaerobic and oxygen-poor conditions. It is composed of two-layer carbonization machine, preheat wood powder burner (or gasifier, natural gas burner), combustible gas purification device, external heating furnace of carbonization machine, feeding conveyor, cooling and carbon discharging machine and control, etc. The interior of the carbonization machine is divided into four areas: drying area, heating area, carbonization area, and calcination area. The biomass is transported into the inner drum by the conveyor. The waste heat in the furnace is used to dry and preheat the materials to 200-250 ℃.

The biomass is transported by the conveyor into the drum of the carbonization machine. First, the material is dried and preheated to 250°C by using the thermal environment in the furnace. Above, enter the high-temperature carbonization zone of the drum for carbonization at 350-550°C, and finally, calcinate the biomass charcoal at high temperature in the calcination zone to meet the carbon quality required by the product and complete the biomass carbonization. The carbonization machine is equipped with an air outlet and a discharge box. The combustible gas produced by carbonization is discharged from the air outlet, and the wood tar, wood acid liquid, water and ash are separated through the combustible gas purification system to obtain pure combustible gas, and the air is sent into the carbonization machine. The external heating furnace fully burns and heats the carbonization machine to achieve reciprocating cycle heating and carbonization and continuous production. The carbonized products are discharged from the discharge box into the cold carbon machine, and cooled by water to below 45°C, safe carbonization. The excess combustible gas from carbonization can be used for raw material drying or sent out as fuel.

For biomass with a moisture content of 20-40%, the configuration mode of dryer + carbonizer is adopted, and the excess combustible gas produced by the carbonizer is used to dry the biomass. The dryer and the carbonizer work together to fully utilize the combustible gas and reduce Cost of production.

For users who are unwilling to recycle wood acetic acid and wood tar, the carbonization equipment unit of Dingli brand adopts the high and low configuration mode of preheating drying + carbonization. The preheating dryer is arranged on the upper part of the carbonization machine, and the thermal system is comprehensively balanced. Carbonization and drying heating, waste flue gas purification treatment up to standard discharge, higher carbonization efficiency and output ratio, more environmentally friendly.


Model Inner Layer Diameter(mm) Outer Layer Diameter(mm) Drum Length(m) Cabon Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(m)
DLTJ1410/2 800 1400 10 300-500


DLTJ1610/2 1000 1600 10 600-800


DLTJ1810/2 1200 1800 10 700-1000


DLTJ2010/2 1400 2000 10 1100-1300


DLTJ2312/2 1600 2300 12 1500-2000


DLTJ2512/2 1800 2500 12 2200-2500


DLTJ2912/2 2200 2900 12 2500-3000


DLTJ3212/2 2500 3200 12 3200-3800


DLTJ3612/2 2900 3600 12 4000-4500



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