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    Wood chip dryer is special equipment designed and manufactured for the drying of wood chips, sawdust, wood flour, wood chips, and other materials. It has the characteristics of large drying output, significant energy-saving effect, and low maintenance.

    Wood chips dryer is an important part of biomass fuel production equipment. By drying wood chips, they can be further pelletized to produce combustible biomass fuel. Sawdust dryer plays a vital role in the recycling of biomass fuel and is of great significance to promote economic development and environmental protection.

    Our special design wood chips rotary dryer has a strong adaptability of materials and it can dry various materials. This type of wood chips rotary dryer operation is very simple and liable. Also our professional wood chips rotary dryer has played an important role in various drying industries,wood chips rotary dryer is used for drying materials with humidity or granularity in the industries of mineral dressing, building material, metallurgy, and chemical.wood chips rotary dryer can be used for drying many kinds of materials and with convenient and reliable operation; therefore, it has been widely used.

Wood Chips Dryer Machine
Wood Chips Dryer Machine
Wood Chips Dryer Machine


Whatsapp: +86 156-7062-6070

   Wood chips rotary dryer is consists of a heating device, feeding device, transport device, discharge device, dust extraction device and other connecting parts. For the installation process, the rotary drum dryer should slopes slightly so that the discharge end is lower than the material feed end in order to convey the material through the rotary drum dryer under gravity. Material to be dried enters the rotary drum dryer, and as the rotary drum dryer rotates, the material is lifted up by a series of internal fins lining the inner wall of the rotary drum dryer. When the material gets high enough to roll back off the fins, it falls back down to the bottom of the rotary drum dryer, passing through the hot gas stream as it falls.


Model Capacity(t/d) Early moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Drying Temperature(℃) Total motor power(kw) Cover Area(m²)
DLGT1210 44.0-19.5 35-50% 12-15% 270±30℃ 28 5m×15m
DLTG1409 46.5-20.5 34 5m×15m
DLGT1615 88.0-39.0 45 6m×22m
DLTG2010/3 144.5-63.5 78 8m×18m
DLTG2210/3 154.0-67.5 85 8m×18m
DLTG2510/3 193.0-83.5 110 10m×18m
DLTG2512/3 227.0-100.0 125 10m*20m
DLTG2912/3 268.0-120.0 135 10m*22m


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