Hunan Chenzhou Petroleum Coke Dryer Project

Recently, the customized petroleum coke dryer in Chenzhou, Hunan has been successfully put into operation. The customer feedback that the equipment is stable and efficient, and they are very satisfied with our company's products.


Petroleum coke is the vacuum residue of petroleum, which is a black solid coke produced by cracking and coking at 500-550 °C in a coking unit. In response to the problem of high moisture content of the material, Zhengzhou Dingli large-scale industrial drum dryer manufacturer launched petroleum coke dryer equipment. Through the high-temperature hot air drying process, the moisture can be quickly evaporated and dried to meet the expected requirements. The dried petroleum coke is discharged from the drum to complete the dehydration process. .

The petroleum coke drying system consists of crusher, pulverizer, gas (oil) hot blast stove, three-layer drum dryer, cyclone dust collector, pulse bag filter, conveying equipment, packaging machine and power distribution operation control device.

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