Changsha Petroleum Coke Dryer Project

Yesterday, another customized petroleum coke dryer was installed and commissioned, and it has been put into operation. After using it, the customer reported that the petroleum coke dryer is not only efficient, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


The working principle of petroleum coke dryer

The material flow of petroleum coke is: petroleum coke with a moisture content of 12-15% is crushed to less than 10mm by a crusher, conveyed into the drum to achieve downstream drying, and the petroleum coke is continuously picked up and scattered in a spiral under the inner layer Moving forward, through the inner, middle and outer drums, the heat exchange between petroleum coke and hot air is realized, and the petroleum coke that has achieved the drying effect travels quickly and discharges the drum under the action of wind and its own gravity, and the petroleum coke is fully dried within the control stroke. , so as to achieve the drying effect, the moisture of the material is reduced to less than 3%, the drying process is completed, and it is discharged by the screw conveyor. The control system monitors and automatically adjusts the operating parameters to ensure the drying capacity, product quality and safe and stable operation of petroleum coke.

The drying gas process is: natural gas or diesel is burned by the burner to generate high flue gas, and the temperature of the clean air is adjusted to 180-300 ° C, and the induced draft fan after the dryer is sucked into the dryer to dry the petroleum coke, evaporate the water, and the temperature The temperature is lowered to 50-80 °C and discharged from the dryer, and the dusty moisture is collected by the cyclone dust collector and filtered and purified by the pulse bag filter and discharged up to the standard.

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