Project put into operation: Shanxi coal slime dryer project was successfully delivered

 Recently, the large-scale coal slime dryer equipment customized by our company for Shanxi customers has been installed and commissioned with the joint efforts of Dingli installation team and Shanxi customers. After trial operation, the production line's operating capacity, product quality, energy consumption and dust emissions The concentration has achieved the expected effect, and it has been officially delivered to the customer for use.\

After the production line of the coal slime dryer is put into operation, the daily processing capacity is about 1000 tons, the moisture content of the coal slime after drying treatment is about 10, the finished coal slime is evenly dry and wet, and the combustion calorific value is large, which can be used for coal slime direct combustion or Blending, realizing the resource utilization and high-value reuse of coal slime, and improving the economic benefits of coal plants.

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