Brewery spent grain feed drying process

    Among the large amount of by-products in the brewery, wet beer lees have the largest output, but wet lees are susceptible to deterioration, so they are likely to pollute the environment during transportation and storage. In recent years, many breweries have begun to further process beer by-products, which can both reduce environmental pollution and increase economic benefits. The beer grain drying production line developed by Zhengzhou "Dingli Group" can quickly dehydrate and dry wet beer grains with a moisture content of about 85% to dry products with a moisture content of about 10%. At present, this equipment has been put into use in many domestic and foreign beer companies and feed processing enterprises, and has created considerable economic benefits.

beer grain dryer

    The brewer's grain dryer is mainly composed of a heat source, a feeding machine, a feeding machine, a rotary drum, a discharging machine, an induced draft fan, a discharger and a power distribution cabinet. After the dehydrated wet beer grains enter the dryer, the hot air evenly dispersed in the dryer is fully contacted under the flipping of the uniformly distributed copying plate in the drum, which accelerates the drying process. During the drying process, under the effect of the inclined plate and the heat medium, the lees are discharged to the star discharge valve of the other section of the lees dryer (the lees dryer) to discharge the dry materials.

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