A good way to dry beer lees in rotary drum dryer

    Beer lees can be air-dried naturally, but it is undesirable. The cycle is long and the quality of dry lees is uncontrollable. The output and supply capacity of dry materials is unstable. Therefore, it has long been eliminated by the market. The method of centralized and rapid drying treatment is the distiller's grain dryer, which is suitable for various winery waste residues such as rice grains, corn grains, and red wine grains.

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    If the output of distillers' grains per day is only a few hundred kilograms or 1 ton or 2 tons, it is also possible to choose the method of drying distillers grains. The relationship between production and demand is stable, but if it is supplied to feed mills or breeding plants, it needs to be stable. With high production capacity, short production cycle and stable quality, mechanized production is undoubtedly a better way.

    A set of beer lees drying equipment can meet the needs of large processing capacity, fast and high-quality dehydration and drying, the dry material contains about 12% water, longer shelf life, higher cleanliness, and is suitable for dehydration and drying treatment of different distiller’s grains. Beer lees drying equipment is divided into two forms, namely direct-heated drying with hot stove heating and indirect drying with steam drying. Different drying forms have different drying equipment quotations, specific comprehensive production capacity, material and It depends on the configuration level.

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