How to drying palm fiber/palm silk with rotary dryer

  How are Palm silk used? Today I will introduce the Dingli palm fiber Dryer for you to understand briefly.

  Palm silk dryer, coconut silk dryer, coconut bran special dryer production line developed by Zhengzhou Dingli Co., Ltd. is coconut bran, palm silk, mechanized, large-scale, intensive production equipment.

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  Dingli special dryer for coconut silk and palm silk, also known as coconut silk dryer, is mainly composed of hot air stove, feed conveyor, rotary drum dryer, discharge conveyor, dust collector, power distribution cabinet; After the sorted silk fibers enter the dryer, the materials are uniformly dispersed and fully contacted with the hot air under the turning of the tooth-brushing stirring device uniformly distributed in the drum, and the heat is transferred, mass-transported and dried quickly, and discharged to the drum outlet.

  The selection and design of the process parameters of the production line and the technical parameters and structure of each equipment were obtained after careful analysis and study of the coconut fiber material, and were verified by the actual coconut fiber fiber drying test. In the design of the plan, fully considering the characteristics of flammability, agglomeration, and wrapping of bran residue of silk fibers, a series of technologies and processes were adopted to solve it to ensure a good drying effect and cleanliness of silk fibers. Customers in need are welcome to come to the factory to purchase.

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