During the installation of coal slime dryer production line in Shuozhou, Shanxi

    In spite of the hot weather in summer, the staff of Zhengzhou Dingli still stay at the front line of work, focusing on the coal slime drying project in Shanxi Shuozhou. Our company continues to rush to install equipment in the hot weather. At present, the equipment installation of Shanxi Shuozhou slime dryer production line When proceeding, it is expected that the project will be completed soon.

slime dryer.jpg

    This project is that the slime dryer equipment is designed and manufactured by our company based on customer production needs and local environmental assessment requirements. The equipment will meet customer needs in terms of processing capacity and moisture. After the equipment arrives locally, the technical team responsible for the project Immediately start the follow-up work and work closely with local customers to advance the project work in an orderly manner. The skilled technology and work attitude of our Dingli technical team has also won praise from customers. The installation of the project is still in progress, and you can continue to log on to the website for follow-up progress. attention.

    Zhengzhou Dingli has previously built a number of slime drying projects in Shuozhou, Shanxi. This time our slime dryer equipment has once again settled in the local area, marking that our company has added a new case in the local area. Customers can inspect the site of the case. Negotiate project cooperation.

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