Congratulations to our company for signing a large-scale liquor lees dryer production line order con

    In the near future, our company and a Sichuan customer will cooperate on a large-scale distilled grain drying project. The Sichuan customer has undertaken Wuliangye Group's distilled grains. Our company will provide customers with large-scale distilled grains drying production line equipment. The two parties have officially signed an order contract for friendly cooperation.

    The annual output of liquor in my country is millions of liters, and a large amount of liquor distiller's grains will be produced during liquor processing. The fermented liquor grains have residual protein, residual starch, rice husk and high cellulose content. It can be dried and processed into feed materials, biomass fuels, etc. The drying and processing of distilled grains requires the use of distilled grains dryer equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale distilled grain drying equipment manufacturer, and Zhengzhou Dingli combines the characteristics of materials according to customer needs, etc. Carrying out the design and production of equipment, while providing equipment project construction, equipment installation and commissioning services, Sichuan customers are now cooperating with our company through various understandings and comparisons, and our company will provide customers with the entire liquor lees drying production line within the specified construction period Equipment, the follow-up progress of the project will continue to be paid attention to.

    Liquor lees dryer equipment is one of Zhengzhou Dingli’s mature product series. At present, our company has friendly cooperation with many customers to process the distiller’s lees: Yanghe’s distiller’s lees, rice flower-scented distiller’s lees, and Wuliangye’s distiller’s lees, etc. With the development of the reuse of resources such as distilled grains, Zhengzhou is looking forward to working with more wine companies to promote the environmentally-friendly reuse of distilled grains.

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