How to choose the heat source of the slag rotary dryer?

    Slag drying generally uses slag rotary dryer equipment. Although the environmental impact assessment requirements are becoming more and more stringent, many customers pay more attention to the heat source when purchasing a slag drying system. What heat source is generally used for slag rotary dryers? What is the heat source configuration of the slag dryer?


    Zhengzhou Dingli is a slag dryer equipment manufacturer. At present, it provides a variety of specifications and models of slag dryer equipment. Dingli slag dryer can be equipped with a variety of heat sources: clean coal, steam, gas, coke oven gas, biomass pellet fuel Customers can choose the heat source system according to the local area. Some customers can pay more attention to the cost of different heat sources. Zhengzhou Dingli technical team will optimize equipment according to customer needs, provide cost analysis, etc., optimize equipment selection for customers, and let customers choose the right one. Slag drying production line equipment.

    The slag dryer is one of our main product series. Zhengzhou Dingli has 17 years of experience in the construction of drying projects, and can provide customers with the construction of slag drying projects. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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