Introduction of corn stalk crushing and drying process

    Corn stalk can be dried into silage or biomass pellet fuel. Before drying, the corn stalk is crushed in the factory. What is the process of crushing and drying of corn stalk? Zhengzhou Dingli, a corn stalk crushing and drying equipment manufacturer, will give you a brief introduction.


    After being processed by the crushing equipment, the corn stalks are sent to the Zhengzhou Dingli corn stalk dryer via the feeding conveyor. The corn stalks are continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the stalk and move forward in a spiral manner. Layer to achieve the heat exchange between corn stalks and hot air. The corn stalks that achieve the drying effect will travel quickly out of the drum under the action of the wind. The wet corn stalks that have not achieved the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to their own weight. The corn stalks are fully dried within the control stroke. , Thus achieve the drying effect, the straw that completes the drying process is discharged by the screw conveyor.

    Zhengzhou Dingli corn stalk drying equipment has launched a variety of specifications and models of equipment, which can meet the daily processing needs of tens to hundreds of tons of straw drying. Customers can choose according to the actual production situation.

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