Portugal Yeast Drying Project: Dingli Yeast Dryer Workshop Assembly Site

    The yeast dryer provided by Zhengzhou Dingli for Portuguese customers has been completed. In order to facilitate the later installation of the equipment before shipment, our staff assembled on-site in the workshop. The above is the equipment assembly site.


    Yeast dryer is one of Zhengzhou's mature product series. This equipment is designed and manufactured by our company for the needs of Portuguese customers. The equipment will satisfy customers in terms of processing capacity and moisture. At the same time, the equipment has the advantages of large processing capacity and simple operation. , After the equipment is completed, our company will immediately arrange equipment inspection workshop assembly, etc., after ensuring that the equipment is in good condition, we will arrange equipment delivery for customers


    Zhengzhou Dingli Yeast Dryer equipment is designed and manufactured according to customer needs one-to-one. While providing equipment for customers, it will also provide follow-up services. Customers in need are welcome to come to the factory to purchase.

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