Jingzhou Jiangxiang Liquor Grains Drying Project was completed and put into production

    Zhengzhou Dingli has another new project completed and put into production. This time the project is a sauce-flavored white wine lees drying project built by our company for customers in Jingzhou, Hubei. The equipment was officially put into operation after the trial machine.

distiller's lees dryer.jpg

    Zhengzhou Dingli drying equipment has been settled in Hubei many times. This time our company’s distiller’s lees drying project has once again settled in the local area, which has a positive effect on our company’s expansion of the local market. Our company provides customers with sauce-flavored white distiller’s lees in strict accordance with the contract. Drying equipment, the skilled technology and dedicated work attitude of our technical team during the equipment installation process has won praise from local customers. The project has been officially put into production, and our company will continue to provide follow-up services and technical support.

    Zhengzhou Dingli distiller's lees dryer is suitable for a variety of high-humidity distiller's lees, white distiller's lees, alcohol lees, etc. The equipment can quickly dry a large amount of distiller's grains. Welcome to the factory to purchase and negotiate project cooperation.

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