Shaanxi clean coal drying production line was officially completed and put into production

    Shaanxi is a key area of the coal drying project built by Zhengzhou. Recently, the clean coal drying production line that our company cooperated with a local customer has been completed and put into production. The following is the scene picture of the case.

coal dryer.jpg

    Coal dryer equipment is one of the main products of Zhengzhou Dingli, which is suitable for a variety of coals. The dryer equipment of this project is mainly used to dry clean coal. Our technical team combines local material characteristics, environmental impact assessment, site and other aspects to design equipment for customers. At present, the equipment has been officially completed and put into production. After the equipment is put into production, customers will wash the fine The drying effect of coal and other materials is relatively satisfactory. It is believed that the project created through cooperation between the two parties will help the development of the reuse of local clean coal and other resources.

    Zhengzhou Dingli currently has launched a variety of specifications and models of clean coal drying equipment, which can be designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of customers. Welcome everyone to come to the factory to purchase and negotiate project cooperation.

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