Operation site of beer lees dryer in Wuhan, Hubei

    The beer lees drying equipment ordered by Wuhan customers from our company has been installed and officially put into production. The following is a picture display of the equipment operation scene:


    Brewer's spent grains dryer mainly consists of heat source, feeding machines, feeder, rotary drum, discharging machine, draft fan, discharge and power distribution cabinet.

Introduction of beer lees dryer:

    1. With the diversification of technology, beer lees dryers mainly include steam tubular tumble dryers and environmentally friendly hot blast stove heating three-layer rotary tumble dryers;

    2. Clean and energy-saving hot blast stoves mainly use natural gas, gas, coal gas, biomass fuels, etc.; at the same time, it supplies steam drying equipment for beer lees, which uses steam as the heating medium, which is more environmentally friendly and low-consumption;

    3. For the exhaust gas treatment of the brewer's lees dryer, the dry and wet multi-stage dust collector system is adopted, which greatly improves the dust removal efficiency and guarantees the environmental assessment. The specific equipment configuration is determined according to the user's needs.

    Zhengzhou Dingli has customized production of distiller’s lees dehydration and drying equipment for 13 years. According to user requirements, our company can customize a complete set of distiller’s lees dehydration, drying, and pelletizing production line equipment for processing high-quality distiller’s lees feed. There are many users on site and the inspection is convenient. Mature technology and good reputation.

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