How does a tumble dryer turn biomass waste into treasure?

    The biomass tumble dryer meets the drying needs of biomass waste such as wood chips, sawdust, and bamboo chips. After drying, the calorific value of biomass waste is increased, and after pelletizing, it can be used and sold as biomass pellet fuel.Zhengzhou Dingli Company develops biomass fuel dryers according to market demand. According to the characteristics, output size, application requirements, cost control, and ease of operation of each biomass material, it can start with the technical processing and drying of the sawdust drying production line. The machine has a large output, high efficiency and energy saving, and a small footprint. It can save energy by 30-50% compared with ordinary dryers, which can maximize energy saving and drying costs.

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1. Automatic control can ensure the even and stable moisture of the dried wood chips.

2. Automatically remove stone and iron, which can ensure that the impurities of the wood chips do not enter the subsequent process.

3. The thermal efficiency of the cylinder body is as high as 70% or more (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single-cylinder dryer is only 35%), and the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 50%.

4. The tail transmission is adopted, the transmission is more stable and reliable; it completely changes the phenomenon that the roller rotation often slips and affects production.

5. The single-cylinder dryer reduces the area occupied by about 50%, and the civil construction investment is reduced by about 50%.

6. Using frequency conversion speed control to control the material flow, the final moisture index can be easily adjusted according to user needs.

7. Equipped with new energy-saving hot-blast stove, high efficiency, energy saving, thermal controllable, simple operation, coal consumption is reduced by about 60%, electricity consumption is reduced by 50%, and operating costs are reduced.

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