How to use the large amount of brewery spent grain for feed?

    How to use the large amount of distilled grains produced in the brewing process? The nutrients of distillers grains are not as rich as brewer's grains. After spraying, the distillers grains can increase their nutrients and then be dried to make feed and use them as resources. Where is the equipment for drying liquor to make feed? Zhengzhou Dingli is a liquor grain dryer equipment manufacturer that can provide a variety of specifications and models of dryer equipment.

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    The process flow of the liquor lees dryer: the material enters the inner layer of the rotary drum from the feeding device to achieve downstream drying. The distiller’s grains move to the other end of the inner layer and enter the middle layer for counter-current drying. The distiller’s grains are continuously raised in the middle layer, showing a two-step backward movement. The distilled grains travel to the other end of the middle layer and fall into the outer layer. The distilled grains travel in the outer drum in a rectangular multi-loop manner. The dried distiller's grains are quickly discharged out of the drum under the action of hot air, and the wet distiller's grains that have not reached the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to their own weight. The distiller's grains are fully dried in this rectangular copy board to complete the drying purpose.

    The distiller's grains sprayed and dried to make feed can greatly alleviate the shortage of feed resources, reduce breeding costs and improve economic benefits. The complete set of equipment of Dingli vinasse dryer production line has been put into use in the project and has created considerable economic benefits. For equipment specifications, please contact us online.

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