Uses and advantages of Dingli® biomass dryer

    Biomass is a by-product of pulp and paper, agricultural and municipal sludge, and perhaps the oldest renewable energy source on earth. Currently, the use of biomass in energy production is increasing at an exponential rate. Studies have shown that due to the clean, sustainable and economic nature of by-products, it can provide up to 14% of electricity consumption in the next few decades. There is a demand, and there are many challenges to alleviate biomass drying, so it is wise to trust the experts of Dingli® drying system.

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    Dingli® Drying System When the biomass drying system is used for a variety of cellulosic materials (such as hemp, bagasse (sugar cane waste), wine grains, grass and sawdust), it can not only increase the energy value of the material, but also produce high quality Vitality.

    Start processing in the dryer. The direct combustion rotary dryer of the Dingli® drying system has excellent performance and can produce a high-volume, low-moisture product that is consistent and easy to transport and store. After passing through the dryer, the dried biomass is discharged onto the conveyor for further sorting. The steam produced in this process is pulled through the air pollution control system to remove the fine particles in the steam.

    Although biomass may be the oldest renewable energy source on earth, after being processed through the drying process of the Dingli® drying system, it has more added value than traditional biomass. Dingli® drying system will help you obtain a new source of income in the biomass drying system, while effectively alleviating the processing challenges caused by air pollution, emissions and steam.

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