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Recently, the Shanxi coal slime dryer production line contracted and constructed by Zhengzhou Dingli has been installed and commissioned. After the trial run, all parameters meet the expected standards and can efficiently reduce the moisture in the coal slime to the specified level, greatly improving the reuse value of the coal slime.

The coal slime dryer production line is carefully designed by Zhengzhou Dingli for the coal slime treatment needs in Shanxi. During the installation and commissioning of the production line, the Dingli after-sales installation team strictly followed the technical specifications and operating guidelines to ensure the accuracy and stability of the coal slime dryer production line.

Zhengzhou Dingli Coal Slime Dryer Equipment Manufacturer adopts the fully sealed dryer structure and enhanced insulation layer structure developed by the company to improve the material pass rate, enhance the heat utilization rate, and reduce the cost of drying one ton of wet coal slime. At the same time, it further reduces the dust content in the high-temperature hot air system, reduces the workload and power consumption of the dust removal system, reduces the power consumption of the dust collector system, and extends the service life (this sealing structure is a technical upgrade of our company for the high-temperature coal slime air dryer system, and the newly launched projects all use this drying structure) to reduce the cost of dust collector maintenance and filter bag replacement.

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