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Biochar pyrolysis equipment is a special equipment used to convert biomass raw materials into biochar. The following is a detailed introduction to the equipment:

1. Working principle

The working principle of biochar pyrolysis equipment is mainly based on the pyrolysis and carbonization reaction of biomass raw materials under high temperature, anoxic or micro-oxygen environment. The biomass raw materials that have been crushed and dried are added to the pyrolysis reactor, and pyrolysis reaction is carried out under certain high temperature conditions to produce pyrolysis gas and carbonized products. The pyrolysis gas can be processed by the corresponding system to remove harmful gases and recycle them, while the carbonized products are further processed to obtain high-quality biochar.

2. Equipment composition

The biochar pyrolysis equipment is usually composed of multiple systems, including feeding system, pyrolysis system, carbonization system, carbonization system, air inlet system and induced draft system. Among them, the pyrolysis system is the core part of the equipment, which is responsible for pyrolysis reaction of biomass raw materials at high temperature. The carbonization system is used to further process the carbonized products produced by pyrolysis to obtain high-quality biochar.

3. Technical Features

Efficient conversion: Biochar pyrolysis equipment can efficiently convert biomass raw materials into biochar, improving resource utilization.

Low carbon emissions: Compared with traditional coal and oil energy, the carbon dioxide emissions generated during biomass carbonization are lower, which helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

Comprehensive utilization of energy: The combustible gas generated by pyrolysis and carbonization can be used as energy supply to meet the energy needs of the equipment itself and realize the recycling of energy.

Wide range of applications: Biochar pyrolysis equipment is suitable for a variety of biomass raw materials, including wood, straw, waste, fruit shells, etc., and has a wide range of applicability.


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