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The process of converting food waste into animal feed mainly includes the following steps:

Collection and treatment of kitchen waste: Food waste mainly comes from public catering service departments such as catering enterprises, institutions and school cafeterias. It has complex ingredients, including oil, water, peels, vegetables, rice noodles, fish, meat, bones and waste tableware and plastics. , paper towels and other substances. First, these garbage need to be collected, and preliminary classification and impurity removal are required to remove non-organic components such as plastics and paper towels.

Crushing and grinding: crushing and grinding the kitchen waste after impurity removal, breaking the raw material particles into particles of different sizes to facilitate subsequent mixing and blending. While crushing and grinding, it is also necessary to remove and screen impurities in raw materials.

Biological treatment: Use microbial cells to treat food waste. Through the growth, reproduction and metabolism of microorganisms, useful bacteria, enzymes and intermediates are accumulated. This process can be carried out through biological fermentation and other methods, so that the organic matter in food waste can be fully utilized.

Drying and disinfection: Dry and disinfect the biologically treated food waste to remove moisture and harmful microorganisms and ensure the hygiene and safety of the feed.

Mixing and blending: According to the nutritional needs of the animals and the formula requirements of the feed, the dried and sterilized food waste is mixed with other feed ingredients. The mixing operation requires the feed to be mixed evenly and accurately to ensure a reasonable proportion.

Pressing and granulating: The mixed feed raw materials are pressed and granulated through press and granulation equipment to make the feed more uniform and delicious. During the pressing and granulation process, vegetable oil, drugs, etc. can also be added according to actual conditions to increase the nutritional value of the feed.

Cooling and Screening: Freshly manufactured hot feed is cooled and screened for better shelf life and easier storage.

In addition, Dingli also has a method of using insects to deal with food waste, using black soldier flies. The black soldier fly is a saprophytic waterfly that feeds on animal feces and decaying organic matter in nature. Use kitchen waste as food for the black soldier fly. After a period of feeding, the black soldier fly will digest all the garbage, leaving only the adult black soldier fly and its excrement. Next, professional sorting equipment is used to separate the adult black soldier fly from its excrement. The adult worms can be dried and crushed to produce high-protein feed for poultry and aquaculture; the excrement can be directly used as organic fertilizer.

Dingli's fully automatic kitchen waste black soldier fly processing production line is mainly used for the processing of food waste, kitchen waste, stale garbage, domestic waste and other materials. The entire production process adopts a PLC automated control system, which has a high degree of automation, requires few people, and can realize automatic adjustment of various indicator controls.

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