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Activated carbon production machine is a mechanical equipment used to manufacture activated carbon, which covers the entire production process from raw material processing to final product molding. The following are the main components and working principles of activated carbon production machines:

1. Raw material pretreatment equipment: This includes crushers, mills, screening machines, etc., which are used to crush, grind and screen raw materials (such as wood, fruit shells, coal, etc.) into powder for subsequent processing.

2. Carbonization equipment: Carbonization furnace is one of the core equipment for activated carbon production. It heats the raw materials to high temperatures (usually between 600°C and 900°C) in an oxygen-deficient or low-oxygen environment to increase the carbon content in the raw materials while removing most non-carbon substances (such as moisture, volatile matter , ash content, etc.). The carbonization process converts raw materials into carbon-rich solids called chars.

3. Activation equipment: Activation is a key step in the production of activated carbon, which is used to increase the specific surface area and porosity of carbonized materials. Activation equipment includes an activation furnace, in which char reacts with activators (such as water vapor, carbon dioxide or chemicals) at high temperatures to produce a large amount of gas and heat, thereby forming a microporous structure inside the char.

4. Cooling equipment: The activated carbon has a very high temperature and needs to be quickly cooled by cooling equipment (such as cooling towers, coolers, etc.) to prevent the activated carbon from spontaneously igniting or continuing to react.

5. Screening and packaging equipment: The cooled activated carbon needs to be screened to remove large particles and impurities, and divided into different specifications according to needs. The screened activated carbon can be packaged by an automatic packaging machine for easy storage and transportation.

6. Control system: The activated carbon production machine also includes a complete control system to monitor the temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters of the entire production process to ensure the stability of the production process and the consistency of product quality.


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