What are the advantages of drum coal slime dryer

Drum type coal slime dryer is a common type of coal slime dryer, the shape of the equipment is similar to a lying cylinder, the drum is connected to the heat source equipment, wet coal slime in the drum to complete the contact with the hot air, and through the drum rotating to complete the discharge, so as to complete the drying work, in recent years, the price of coal is gradually increased, the drum type coal slime dryer has been the attention of many people, so the drum type coal slime dryer have What are the advantages? 

coal slime dryer

First of all, the drum-type coal slime dryer has the advantages of large processing output and controllable floor space, the drum-type coal slime dryer can be customized according to customer demand for the size of the drum, in order to complete the drying needs of customers with different drying yields, from small to hundreds of tons, up to thousands of tons of drying tasks can be capable of the equipment, the drying of the coal slime moisture uniformity and good quality, easy to transport and storage, and the equipment covers a more controllable area, the small field customers can also buy. Customers with small sites can also choose and buy.

Secondly, the equipment can be used with different accessories to complete the drying task, drum type coal slurry dryer can have a variety of accessories for the user to choose, such as equipment can be based on the customer's actual situation and local policy to choose the appropriate heat source, such as natural gas, coal, biomass and so on can be selected, the choice of heat source is more flexible, and the equipment environmental protection desulphurization and dust removal equipment selection is more varied, can fully meet customer needs.

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