How much is the price of a small sand dryer

In the entire sand dryer market, the production of many manufacturers, but to find the quality and price unity of the manufacturer is very little, in order to ensure the quality of drying equipment under the premise of small sand dryer price how to locate it?

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1. The production factor: through the actual discovery, the purchase of small sand dryer manufacturers are more, the reason is that the production demand is relatively small, generally in the 3-8 tons / hour. Sand dryer production is small, the production capacity of the equipment requirements are relatively low, the relative price will be relatively low, basically in the 100,000 yuan or so.

2. Dryer supporting equipment: if the entire sand drying production line, including disc feeder, belt conveyor, hot air furnace, host, linear vibrating screen, elevator, etc., supporting equipment composition affects the sand dryer market price, so when you buy, but also should be purchased according to the demand, you should tell the manufacturer of their own need for ancillary equipment, in order to quote a detailed price.

3. The behavior of manufacturers: the production of sand dryer manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhengzhou, the region has many dryer manufacturers, so manufacturers and manufacturers form a kind of competition, if the manufacturers in order to seek greater benefits, the use of malicious competition, deception of consumers, but also lead to low prices, the quality is very poor, therefore, Zhongding machine suggests that in the purchase of sand dryer, you must do a survey of the manufacturers, in order to feel safe to buy.

The price of sand dryer is only one aspect. When choosing and buying, what is more important is the quality and after-sales service.


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