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Recently, Hunan customers purchased large-scale lithium slag dryer equipment in Zhengzhou Dingli. With the efforts of Dingli's after-sales installation team, the installation and commissioning of the project has been completed, and it has been put into production. All parameters have reached the standard, and the customer is highly satisfied.

The complete set of equipment for the Hunan lithium slag drying production line is provided by Zhengzhou Dingli. It is a modern lithium slag resource utilization project with high standards. It can process 3,000 tons of lithium slag per day. The dried lithium slag has a water content of less than 10 and can be used for cement. Admixture or concrete raw material. Dingli lithium slag dryer system is mainly composed of heat source, dispersing feeding device, belt feeder, screw propeller, rotary drum, belt discharger, induced draft fan, dust collector and power distribution system. This set of equipment is stable in operation, convenient in operation and maintenance, and more affordable in price.

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Whatsapp: +86 156-7062-6070


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