Putting into operation: Shanxi Shenmu Coal Slime Dryer Project

Recently, the large-scale coal slime dryer equipment customized by our company for Shanxi customers has been installed and debugged with the joint efforts of the Dingli installation team and Shanxi customers. After trial operation, the production line's operating capacity, product quality, energy consumption and dust emissions The concentration has reached the expected effect, and it has been officially delivered to customers for use

Zhengzhou Dingli Coal Slime Dryer configures the heating system according to the user's existing heat source and convenient heat source, which can be applied to steam, natural gas, coke oven gas, gas, coal, biomass particles, etc. The heat is pollution-free, clean and efficient ; In addition, it can be used in combination with cyclone dust collector and belt dust collector, and the secondary dust collection can meet the environmental assessment standards of various regions.

Zhengzhou Dingli slime dryer equipment has stable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, and more affordable price.

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