Installation of Indonesian Potato Dregs Dryer Project Completed

Recently, the potato dregs dryer customized by an Indonesian customer in our company has been installed and is currently in the debugging stage. After the adjustment is completed, it can be put into production and operation, helping Indonesian customers to reuse local potato dregs as resources.

Potato Dregs Dryer

The potato dregs dryer can dry the potato dregs with high moisture content to less than 12% at one time, and adopts three-layer rotary drum drying technology, which is highly efficient and low in consumption. The equipment is equipped with special devices for temperature adjustment, material lifting, material guiding, and dispersing, which effectively solve the problems of wall sticking and clogging, with high drying efficiency and uniform drying; the complete set of equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, compact in structure, and mechanized The high level is the main technical advantage.

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