Putting into operation: Shanxi medicine dregs dryer project

Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli completed the installation and commissioning of the large-scale dregs dryer equipment customized for Shaanxi customers and passed the test machine acceptance, and the customer has put it into use. All departments work together to ensure quality assurance.

The whole set of traditional Chinese medicine residue dryer production line includes two major system equipments: medicinal residue dehydrator and drum dryer. The traditional Chinese medicine residue dehydrator can be a belt dehydrator or a screw extrusion dehydrator. Free technical solutions and quotations.

According to the production needs of users, our company customizes and supplies complete sets of pharmaceutical dregs processing equipment such as organic fertilizer, dregs granular fuel, and dregs feed. One machine is in place, the construction period is short, and the line is fast. Welcome to consult.

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