Installation site: Lithium slag dryer equipment

Recently, the lithium slag dryer equipment customized by Hunan customers in our company has arrived at the site safely and is being installed in an orderly manner.

Lithium slag dryer equipment installation site

The lithium slag dryer equipment adopts a high-temperature hot air drying process. The moisture content of the dried slag material is less than 5%, and the drying and wetness are uniform. The drying process is environmentally friendly and low-consumption, and the drying cost per ton is low. The new type of slag dryer adopts gas, fuel oil, mixed fuel and other heating forms, and is equipped with a dust removal and purification system solution designed for heat sources. It has passed the environmental assessment and has reasonable cost control.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of slag and stone powder dryers. It can provide customized services for slag drying equipment according to material characteristics and customer production needs. Factory direct supply, welcome to consult.

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