Anhui distiller's grains dryer project site

The distiller's grains drying production line carefully designed by Zhengzhou Dingli for Anhui customers has been installed and debugged with the joint efforts of Dingli's after-sales installation team and customers, and has now been put into operation smoothly. The project uses distiller's grains as raw materials, and then processes them into feed through drying, so as to realize the resource reuse of Anhui distiller's grains and increase economic value.


This production line adopts our company's innovative and improved multi-layer drum drying system, and adopts hot air quick-drying process to quickly reduce the water content of distiller's grains to about 12 water, which is convenient for its long-term storage or reuse. The equipment can handle 10-500 tons per day and can run continuously for 24 hours. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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