What are the technical advantages of corn stover drying equipment?

 The corn stalk dryer is the core equipment for the utilization of agricultural straw resources. Its outstanding advantages are high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and strong pertinence. Therefore, the corn stalk dryer equipment is very popular in agriculture and aquaculture.

Technical advantages of corn stalk drying equipment?

1. Real-time monitoring: The corn stalk dryer is equipped with a PLC control system, which integrates digital control technology to realize remote control of programs such as startup and process adjustment, and achieve high standard operations.

2. No worries for one-time treatment: The corn stalk dryer can perform one-time treatment on the stalks, which can dry the stalks with a moisture content of 35% to about 10% (adjustable), which is more cost-effective and has no worries.

3. Environmental protection, low energy consumption, and high comprehensive benefits: The corn stalk dryer is equipped with environmental protection dust collection devices and noise reduction devices, which can effectively reduce the surrounding dust and noise pollution, and have high comprehensive benefits.

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