Hunan petroleum coke dryer project was put into operation smoothly

The petroleum coke dryer equipment designed, produced and constructed by Zhengzhou Dingli was successfully put into operation in Hunan, helping Hunan petroleum coke resource reuse.

Zhengzhou Dingli Petroleum Coke Dryer adopts a three-layer drum dryer, which has a large processing capacity and a small footprint. The heating time of the wet material is prolonged and the heat consumption is reduced. Drying one ton of petroleum coke has high production efficiency and low cost. At present, petroleum coke dryers are mostly environmentally friendly drum drying equipment. The heat source is mainly natural gas, fuel oil, coke oven gas and other fuels, and the drying process is environmentally friendly and clean.

Zhengzhou Dingli industrial tumble dryer manufacturer customizes petroleum coke drying equipment of various specifications, models and heat sources, and is equipped with a corresponding dust collector system, with low operating costs, stable performance and mature technology. Welcome to consult and order.

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