What Cocopeat used for? How is coco peat made?

Coco peat is the coconut shell fiber powder that is a processed coconut by-product or waste. The processed coco peat is very suitable for cultivating plants and is currently a popular horticultural medium. Widely used worldwide, it is a natural and environmentally friendly product that developed countries are committed to promoting. The coco peat is compressed, the storage space is small, and it is easy to transport, which greatly reduces the cost of storage and transportation. Therefore, the market prospect of the cocoa dryer is considerable and has great demand.

The coconut peat dryer and coconut shredded dryer production line is directly connected to the coconut husk shredding and sorting machine. Time-saving, energy saving and environmental protection, after high temperature treatment, coconut shredded coconut bran is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. This production line is an essential equipment for mechanized, large-scale and intensive production of coconut shredded coconut bran.

Coconut peat dryer performance advantages

1. According to customer requirements, the dryer can realize intelligent control, one-button operation, automatic adjustment of operating parameters, and the dryer is always running in the best state to ensure that the moisture content of the dried coconut peat is uniform and stable, which is better than traditional drying. Dryers are more energy efficient.

2. Dry coconut peat moisture from 65-75% to 14-18% quickly at one time. The temperature of coconut peat is always lower than 50℃. The dried coconut peat completely retains its original color, bright color and fragrant smell.

3. The internal structure of the dryer adopts a variety of high-efficiency lifting plate combination modes, which can effectively control the drying process and heat distribution, with high heat utilization rate and low exhaust gas discharge temperature.

4. Using four-wheel drive, the transmission is more stable and reliable.

5. Using variable frequency speed regulation to control the material flow, the final moisture index can be easily adjusted according to user needs.

6. The thermal efficiency of the barrel self-insulation is as high as 70% or more (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single-cylinder dryer is only 35%), and the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 30%.

7. Compared with the single-cylinder dryer, the area is reduced by about 50%, and the civil construction investment is reduced by about 50%.

8. Modular dust collection, dedusting, purification, heat recovery and utilization configuration, safe and environmentally friendly.

9. Equipped with a variety of new energy-saving clean hot blast stoves, the fuel can be diesel, gas, coal, wood blocks, wood chips, straw, etc., and it is highly efficient and energy-saving, controllable heating, easy to operate, and the energy consumption is reduced by about 30%. 20% lower running cost.

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