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In order to ensure the timeliness of delivery, Dingli all departments of the company work together to complete various production tasks efficiently and on time. The liquor lees dryer ordered by Anhui customers has been loaded and shipped.

Anhui liquor lees dryer delivery site

Liquor grain dryer is also known as multi-layer plate type rotary drum dryer. This machine is based on retaining the advantages of ordinary single-layer or multi-layer drum dryers. It is not suitable for weak adhesion of moisture greater than 60%. , The drying of cohesive materials and the defects of low evaporation capacity per unit area and high fuel energy consumption due to the "black hole" phenomenon in the center of the drum, optimize the internal structure design, strengthen the throwing and dispersing functions of materials, and fill the "black hole" in the center of the drum, The surface area of the material is fully expanded, and the material is fully contacted with the hot air to transfer heat and evaporate the moisture of the material. Because the material particles are minimized, the speed of heat transfer and evaporation of moisture is greatly improved.

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