Mexican coconut coir dryer shipped

  Recently, all the main drums and accessories of the coconut peat dryer ordered by Mexican customers from our company have been processed, and they have passed the acceptance, quality inspection and packing, and were shipped to Mexico yesterday. The after-sales department of Dingli keeps in touch with customers by email at all times. After the equipment is delivered, our company will assist the customer to install and debug the equipment.


  Coconut peat is the residue left after the coconut shell is shredded. Because of its strong water absorption capacity, good ventilation performance, and resistance to insects, it has always been a mushroom culture medium and a base material for high-end flower plants and potted plants and is highly regarded by the market. Coconut chaff dryer is a professional dryer designed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Jiutian Company through a large number of experiments and according to the characteristics of coconut chaff and customer requirements. The equipment has the characteristics of large output, strong drying capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient operation, guaranteed product quality, safety and hygiene, and small footprint.

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