How to drying apple pomace?

  Apple pomace is the main waste after apple juice extraction. It contains a lot of nutrients. After drying, it can be reused as a resource. How to dry the apple pomace? This article explains in detail the process of drying apple pomace with a dryer.

  The process of drying apple pomace with dryer

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  The whole set of apple pomace dryer is composed of heat source equipment, feeder, drum dryer, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, etc. It adopts high-temperature quick-drying process or low-temperature steam drying process to quickly evaporate and gasify water. The process flow: the apple pomace is transported to the tumble dryer by the feeder, and the uniformly distributed copy board in the cylinder is turned over, fully contacting the hot air, and quickly drying the moisture to the user's demand. The dried pomace is evenly wet and dry, has good color and low nutrient loss.

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