The video of the forage dryer explains the whole process of fresh grass drying

The forage dryer is the main equipment for fresh grass to dry quickly and extend the storage time. After drying, the dried forage is evenly wet, with good color and low nutrient loss, and the market demand is high. How to dry the forage? This article explains the whole process of fresh grass drying through the video of the grass dryer.

grass dryer.jpg
It can be seen from the video that the fresh grass is crushed by the pulverizer and transported to the tumble dryer by the conveyor. The pasture is continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the copy board, and moves forward in a spiral manner. The outer three layers realize the heat exchange between the pasture and the hot air. The dried pasture will travel quickly and exit the drum under the action of the wind. The wet pasture that has not reached the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight. The pasture will be fully dried during the control stroke. This achieves a drying effect.
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