Introduction of peat soil drying equipment

    The organic matter content of peat soil is more than 50%, the texture is soft and easy to break, and it is mostly brown or black. It is an important indicator of the development speed and degree of the swamp. It is a precious natural resource. After drying, it can be used as plant growth Material matrix raw materials are used.

    The peat soil dryer can adapt to various fuels such as coal, oil, gas, etc. At present, the fluidized boiler is favored by users due to its convenient operation, energy saving, environmental protection, and easy purchase of raw materials. Some manufacturers also choose natural gas or coal gas generators for conversion, and the gas is burned for a second time to achieve the drying effect. It conforms to the country's policy of creating an environment-friendly and resource-saving society and is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product that replaces traditional drying equipment.


Advantages of peat soil dryer:

    1. The fixed-speed and quantitative feeder is used to solve the uniformity of feeding and traveling in the dryer, which overcomes the previous problems of intermittent feeding, material blocking, and large instantaneous material volume. It is the premise of improving the evaporation intensity.

    2. Design a unique buffer silo and feeding mechanism to overcome the problem of intermittent feeding or fluctuations caused by uneven feeding;

    3. A large inclination unpowered screw propeller is installed at the feed end of the drum, which not only uniformly feeds the incoming mineral slag into the drying section of the drum, but also further cuts and breaks up the large slag;

    4. Optimize the design of the internal structure of the dryer to maximize the heat exchange area between the material and the hot air quality, which is the basis for improving the evaporation intensity.

    5. Continuously optimize the design of the internal structure of the drum and the lifting plate, and finally finalize it into the unique structure of the internal lifting plate of the drum and the mixed interval layout of different functions. The full section of the drum has a uniform "material muzzle" without dead corners and no gaps. The heat exchange area between the mineral slag and the hot air is increased to the limit, so that the water in the mineral slag quickly rises up and vaporizes and is taken away by the hot air.

    6. Original patented technology of layered drying of rotary drum dryer. According to the law of heating speed and travel speed of different particle size particles inside the drum, a multi-component layer drying device is set up, and the small grate is large to control the pulverization of small particles due to excessive drying, and the heating of large particles is different inside and outside. Uneven drying phenomenon ensures the uniformity of drying.

    7. Reasonable selection of hot blast stove type, optimize its internal structure design and masonry quality, reduce air leakage rate, reduce oxygen content in hot blast below 5%, 700-1100℃ arbitrary process requires temperature points to be adjusted at will, as a dryer Providing a homogeneous and stable heat source is a reliable guarantee for the high-intensity operation of the mineral slag dryer.

    8. The measurement and control technology system adopts computer operating platform and frequency conversion PLC control technology (optional), and online interlocking and interlocking control of process parameters such as temperature, pressure, oxygen concentration, equipment speed, etc., to achieve automatic detection and control of the entire system, with centralized and local The switching function ensures that the system runs stably with maximum output, best quality, most energy-saving mode, safe and explosion-proof.

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