How to dry waste beer yeast to make animal feed?

    There are many types of yeast, the common one being beer yeast. Beer yeast has many nutrients and can be used in feed addition. This can enhance the disease resistance of livestock and is widely used in the breeding industry. Since yeast is a single-celled organism, yeast cells are biologically active. In order not to damage the cell viability, low-temperature hot air drying is adopted for drying, which has the characteristics of high drying efficiency and low energy consumption.

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    The price of large beer yeast dryers is generally affected by factors such as equipment model and configuration. Zhengzhou Dingli not only has strong technical support, but also has strong workshop manufacturing capabilities, which provides a solid foundation for the rapid growth of Dingli's domestic and foreign sales.

    The daily output of large beer yeast dryers is generally not fixed. Customers can purchase suitable drying equipment according to their actual production needs. At present, Zhengzhou Dingli's beer yeast dryer has been put into production in many regions, and the on-site operation effect is good, and it has won unanimous praise from customers. Interested customers are welcome to inquire or visit the company.

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