Introduction of large sand dryer equipment

    What is the general price of sand dryers on the market? Different models of sand dryers launched by different manufacturers have different prices. Zhengzhou Dingli has launched a variety of models of sand dryers. The equipment is directly provided by the manufacturers and the prices are relatively favorable.

    What is the price of large-scale sand drying equipment? Many customers are more concerned about equipment prices and other issues during the preliminary consultation process. Due to the differences in different manufacturers, processes, processing capacity, etc., the equipment prices are also high and low. The specific equipment prices still need to be communicated with the sales staff of the manufacturers. It is a sand drying equipment manufacturer. At present, the equipment can process 4 tons to 100 tons per hour. It can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs. The price of sand dryers with different processing capacity is different. In addition, the heat source and dust removal in the production line The configuration, etc. will also directly affect the price of the equipment, and the exact price of the equipment can be obtained only after the equipment selection is determined according to actual needs.

    Dingli Group is mainly engaged in various dehydration and drying equipment, which is suitable for various heavy and light materials. Interested customers are welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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