Brewery spent grain dryer/beer waste dryer for sale

    Brewery spent grain drying equipment is one of Zhengzhou Dingli’s main product series. Zhengzhou Dingli has more than ten years of experience in the construction of distiller’s lees drying projects. It can provide customers with high-quality dryer equipment and project construction services. Today, for everyone For a more in-depth understanding of Zhengzhou Dingli, the beer lees dryer manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli will share with you: the process diagram of beer dregs drying processing equipment.


    The above is the process map of Zhengzhou Dingli beer slag drying processing equipment, Zhengzhou Dingli beer lees drying production line equipment dehydration equipment, heating equipment, drying equipment, dust removal equipment, packaging unit, feeding and discharging equipment, electronic control system, etc. Zhengzhou Dingli vinasse dehydration and drying production line equipment is designed and manufactured according to customer needs. According to customer needs and characteristics of distiller's grains, you can choose distiller's grain belt-type dehydration equipment and distiller's grain spiral press dehydrator. According to local EIA requirements, customers can choose heat source system equipment and dust removal Equipment, the heat source of the Zhengzhou Dingli vinasse drying production line can be coal, steam, biomass pellet fuel, natural gas, coke oven gas and other methods. The dust removal system can adopt a multi-stage dust removal method. The Zhengzhou Dingli technical team will according to the specific needs of customers Optimize the design and provide customers with cost-effective production line equipment.

    Zhengzhou Dingli currently has built distillers' lees drying projects in many regions, and the equipment is exported to the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, India, Ghana and other countries. Zhengzhou is fully looking forward to cooperating with more customers in the future to build distillers' lees drying projects and jointly promote distillers' grain resources. Development of reuse.

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