Slime coal dehydration drying equipment manufacturers

    After the coal is processed by mechanical equipment such as coal dehydration drying equipment and coal drying furnaces, its moisture is reduced. The coal after drying has a higher utilization value. Is there any coal drying furnace currently? For a large amount of coal drying treatment, in fact, more customers purchase coal dryer equipment for processing. Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale coal dehydration and drying equipment manufacturer and can provide coal dryers of various specifications and models.

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    Zhengzhou Dingli coal drying equipment is suitable for raw coal, clean coal, washed coal, anthracite, foam coal, tailings and other coals. The equipment is designed and manufactured according to customer needs one-to-one. Dingli coal drying production line can meet one hour processing For coal drying needs from dozens of tons to hundreds of tons, the production line can now be suitable for heat sources and dust removal equipment according to customers' local EIA requirements. Currently, hundreds of customers have cooperated with Zhengzhou to jointly build coal drying projects. Customers in need are welcome Come to the factory to buy.

    The manufacturer of coal dehydration and drying equipment-Zhengzhou Dingli technical team has 17 years of experience in drying project construction, undertaking large and medium-sized coal drying projects, you can leave a message for details of the equipment.

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