When purchasing slime dryer equipment, many people now prefer steam slime dryer equipment. How much is a steam slime dryer equipment currently on the market? Since the steam slime dryer equipment is a non-standard product, the equipment prices of different manufacturers are different. Today I will briefly introduce you to the price of steam slime dryer equipment and other issues.

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    The heat source of steam slime dryer equipment is in the form of steam. This slime drying production line is more environmentally friendly than traditional coal-fired heat sources. Zhengzhou Dingli currently launches steam slime dryer equipment according to the needs of users. It can process dozens of tons to hundreds of tons per hour. The equipment can be customized. The prices of different processing volumes have certain differences. The heat source configuration of the Dingli steam slime dryer is in the form of steam, but the production line also has a dust removal system and coal. Sludge drum dryer, dispersing feeding equipment, feeding and discharging equipment, etc., these different configurations will directly affect the overall price. The specific steam slime dryer equipment is required to be selected according to the specific needs of customers The price of the specific equipment can be determined only after the appropriate equipment model.

    Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale slime dryer equipment manufacturer. The heat source of Dingli slime dryer equipment can not only choose steam, but also natural gas, coke oven gas, coal and other heat sources. Welcome everyone to leave a message for consultation.

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