Case Sharing: Operation Video of Thailand Coconut Slag Dryer

  Coconut dregs is the main by-product of coconut processing. After the dehydration and drying process, its resource utilization can be realized. The live video of the Thai coconut palm dryer allows you to see the front line of real cases.

  The whole set of coconut dregs dryer is composed of heat source, dehydrator, feeder, tumble dryer, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, etc. The moisture content of the dried coconut dregs is about 12%, which meets the water requirements of coconut dregs processing. The equipment has mature technology, compact structure, small footprint, large processing capacity and other basic advantages. During the field visit, the Thai customer gave a high evaluation to the company’s tailor-made coconut dregs drying technology plan, signed the order decisively, and chose Zhengzhou Dingli as the supplier of the coconut dregs drying project.

  Zhengzhou Dingli provides users with a variety of dehydration and drying equipment. In order to ensure that users can purchase machines with confidence, we provide you with one-stop purchase services. Before you purchase machines, we will arrange staff to provide you with one-to-one consulting services. More professional engineers will tailor the configuration of the dehydration and drying production line for you, consider your actual needs in an all-round way, and accurately select the model for each user. There will be deviations in the needs of each user, and the targeted selection can allow you to enjoy a more "exquisite" drying experience.

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